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About Us

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Leave your worries and weariness outside, and step into the exotic land of 1001
nights, right here at Shisha Cafe. Right away we shall wrap you in a Middle Eastern
The sublime lighting and authentic oriental interior decoration sweepts you as you
help yourself with our hospitality. Satiate your palate with our axotic Middle Eastern
menu of delicious food with a range of mouth-watering appetizers, main coursse, to
yummy desserts at affordable prices. Once you recline, relax and unwind while you
sooth youself with our high quality of shisha flavor collections.
Managed under PT. Shisha International, Shisha Cafe has been established since
2005 in Jakarta and Bali.

An Astounding Atmosphere

As you step in through the door, Shisha Cafe caresses your senses with our Middle
Eastern atmosphere. You find yourself feeling like you’re standing in a beautifully
decorated Arabian night palace. Colors, shapes, and music blended together
creating a unique experience for you.

Tantalizing Taste of The Middle East

We strive to offer you only the best. For your dining pleasure we present to you our
exquisite Middle Eastern menu. From our mouth-watering Lahm Meshwi, Kebab and
Shawarma, to delectably sweet Baklava and Om Ali, you will find that our menu is
made using high quality ingredients and prepared just the way the Arabian mothers
do it in their kitchens. More importantly, you can rest assured that these delicious
delicacies are also naturally good for your health.

Savory Shisha

Smoking Shisha is more than just a trendy novelty. It is an old age culture which we
highly revere. That is why we offer you only the best selection of Shisha, prepared
by our specially trained staff.
We are proud to say that our Shisha is not only known in Indonesia, but also known
abroad for its exquisite quality, as you yourself will find out.

             Make your own experience!

Kemang Raya No.10
Jakarta selatan 12730 Indonesia
P +62 21 719 3587 – F +62 21 7179 3927

Kemang              : 12.00 – 21.00
Citos               : 12.00- 21.00
Menteng             : 12.00 -21.00
Hotel Crown         : 12.00 – 21.00
Bali sunset road.   : 15.00 WITA – 23.00 WITA